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"Kelsey and Fit Moms has changed my life forever. My results have been amazing, and the biggest change has been my mind. I am truly free…free of the guilt and shame of being overweight. Free of feeling trapped and free to better serve God’s purpose. The Lord is really using Kelsey and her program to help us all, and I am SO thankful!"

- Tyla

- Patti

She helped me develop practical tools to manage my schedule and eating and develop curiosity instead of judgment about myself and my choices."

"Kelsey's teachings on affirmation and generational change are life changing...

- Misty

Before Fit Moms, I was eating mainly "fake" foods. This lead to weight gain and not feeling well. Now, I have transitioned to more real foods and reaping the benefits. This group has changed my heart and mind."

"The biggest benefit is the safe place I have had to explore my faith...

- Rachel

Her program is helping me remove the mental burden of being overweight and all of the areas that it affects. Kelsey truly has a passion for helping kingdom-minded moms become the best versions of themselves!"

"Working with Kelsey has been a Godsend...

- Beth

I have been in Fit Mom's for a little over 2 months and have released 15 lbs of excess baggage! God is working in this and I'm excited to see the continuation of growth in this program and community!"

"Kelsey is a great Christian health coach!!

- Emily

She approached challenges and failures with such grace, helping to gain a better understanding of the "why" instead of focusing on the downfall itself."

"My time working with Kelsey was mind-changing and life-altering..

- Chantal

Before, I believed that I would never be able to lose all the weight. The program is easy to follow, and very supportive. I've lost over 20lbs and have established a healthy lifestyle that I love and enjoy!"

"Kelsey's program is truly life changing...

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